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mouse2mouseAs in “Progetto Under 25” [The Under 25 Project], for “Mouse to Mouse” – a series published by Mondadori in 1988 – Tondelli’s place was in editorial direction, in the role of “authoritative” reader. In fact, he emphasised, “As a reader – and in the final analysis “Under 25″ is a work of applied reading – enthusiasm is fundamental”.
The idea solidified into a series of volumes – with an identifying logo drawn by the artist Luis Frangella and the caption “texts chosen by Pier Vittorio Tondelli” – published by Mondadori in the spring of 1988.
Tondelli thought of it like this, ” ‘Mouse to Mouse’ is the name of an editorial ‘group’ rather than a ‘series’ with very precise literary characteristics. ‘Mouse to Mouse’ would rather explore those cultural territories not immediately ascribed to literature and its practices, those non-marginal and non-emergent places in society. Therefore it looks for narration in the worlds of fashion, publicity, figurative art, show business, rock music … ‘Mouse to Mouse’ favours young authors and offers itself as an agile instrument in the hands of talented newcomers. ‘Mouse to Mouse’ wants narratives that express the changes in writing and society. It wants to account for ; how the pleasure of literature is spreading amongst the young and the emergent ; and how writing is a vital practice for them in their search for truth”.
The first and only titles published were “Fotomodella” [Fashion Model] by Elisabetta Valentini and “Hotel Oasis” by Gianni De Martino. The program designed by Tondelli had been much vaster and had foreseen a volume by Paolo Landi on snobbery and fashion (put out later on by Lupetti & C. in 1991, entitled “Lo snobismo di massa” [Snobbery of the Masses], with an introduction by Tondelli).
And again, as the writer had noted, “In the future, if the reader acceptance and critical acclaim should be favourable, we could see the career launching of several twenty-year-olds already chosen for the “Under 25” anthology. And also, a Mouse/Christmas-gift-book of exotic stories by the painter Luigi Ontani with a layout similar to Blake’s (or a bit like Tolkein’s), naturally in the post-modern sense.

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